Manager’s Journey: Awareness, Epiphany and Choice

About This Session

An insiders account of a manager’s journey of cultural transformation. How our beliefs and assumptions radically shifted. How we found the courage to fully see what is there and acceptance it. Being vulnerable enough to speak our truth to allow new options to emerge. Developing the boldness to choose them.

In addition to sharing this journey from a manager and external catalyst’s perspectives, we will give you the opportunity to share and reflect on your own experiences. This session is ideal for anyone working as or with managers in a traditional hierarchy and want to reinvent their organization.

What You’ll Takeaway

  1. Awareness of what a transformational journey may look like
  2. Epiphany of what needs to shift for the potential of your environment to be unleashed
  3. Choice of how to approach initiating a shift in consciousness

About Michael

Michael is a Catalyst – he helps people get results that last. His mission is helping organizations enjoy the success that comes from happy, engaged, and purposeful people. He works with leadership teams to grow a culture that delivers on organizational goals such as productivity, customer delight and innovation. He uses a holistic approach to Agile that fully integrates with organizational views of people and governance. Presentation & Video Example:

About Soo

Soo Kim is currently a Senior Director with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, leading their central digital platform division, a cross functional team of UX and product development professionals responsible for producing and maintaining CBC’s core online and mobile products and the content delivery systems that power them. After a 4 year arts education at the University of Toronto, she stumbled upon a career in web technology in 1995 (timing is everything) with a small web consultancy called Entrevision. She left Entrevision but never left web technology. Throughout her career that spans almost 20 years she’s managed complex teams, projects and products for organizations like IBM, GM and has spent the last 8 years with CBC. Soo passionately believes in the power of the whole team and has learned that good leaders facilitate success not command it.