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Leanintuit is a collection of Agile Coaches, authors, speakers and organizational change practitioners who are passionate about helping organizations discover more effective ways of managing work and people. Collectively, they have over a century’s worth of experience working in, and coaching software organizations and ther passion for improving the world of knowledge work has taken them around the globe from Canada and the US to Germany, Finland and Brazil.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.52.19 AMHappy Melly

Happy Melly is a network of businesses that self-organize around a purpose: creating happy workers. Similar to a co-operative, a franchise, and an incubator, we form an informal global business run by entrepreneurs, and powered by a Constitution.

mvc-logo-with-taglineMCV Communications

MCV Communications will create custom communications and social media strategies for your organization. With experience in not for profit, healthcare, entrepreneurship, education and retail, MCV Communications is able to support business communications to grow your organization, connect with the industry community and engage customers.




You love it, hate it, debug it, dream about it, obsess over it, test it, throw it away… because you don’t just write code. #DevTO is a place for all – regardless of age, experience or sex, to gather and collaborate on the problems we face while developing applications. You may not be a developer, but even if you’ve handled a bit of HTML, or chewed on some CSS, you should come out.

SiliconHaltonLogoNewSilicon Halton

We are the grassroots hi tech community of people who make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in technology in Halton Region. Everything we do and stand for is based on our three pillars:

Technology. We are passionate about technology and how it can make our lives and our planet better, more fun and meaningful.

Community. We are committed to connecting and creating a strong social network for IT professionals, hi-tech entrepreneurs and executives, educators, students, companies and technology enthusiasts that live or work in Halton.

Growth. We are focused on helping people, companies and the hitech industry grow and have Halton become known globally as the best place for people in technology to live, work and play.


corp-yogiThe Corporate Yogi 

At The Corporate Yogi, we believe there is a new, more evolved way to do business by building socially responsible, purpose-driven companies. With our fun and innovative coaching and leadership programs we can help you build an enviable workplace culture that will attract employees who share your vision and passion. We believe that Monday morning should be more exciting than Friday afternoon and we’ll help you build a workplace culture that employees actually brag about. 

stoos-sparks-logoStoos Sparks

Stoos Sparks is an organization who’s purpose is to create healthy, high-performing workplaces. Stoos Sparks emerged from the Stoos movement which emerged from the meeting of 21 of the greatest management thinkers on the planet in Stoos, Switzerland. The Stoos network is comprised of over 2000 professional dedicated to improving the world of work. Stoos Sparks is being led by Dawna Jones and Sander Huijsen and they frequently host events and hangouts on how organizations can benefit by implementing modern practices for running their business.

cropped-acmp-logo5-e1379557252537ACMP Toronto

The Toronto Chapter of ACMP is a not for profit professional organization of Change Management Professionals. Together we share best practices, work together to further develop the profession of change management, and provide learning, development and networking opportunities. Founded in 2012, the Toronto Chapter continues to grow at a rapid pace with a membership of 140 change professionals, and a reach of over 1,000 as at July 2013. ACMP Toronto’s members represent public and private sector, external consultants, internal practitioners, and leaders in the field for many Canadian and Global organizations.


todn-logoToronto Organizational Development Network (TODN)

The Toronto Organization Development Network (TODN) is an association of highly skilled and talented professionals dedicated to helping organizations succeed. TODN provides an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals to share expertise and obtain leading edge insights and practices in OD, in an environment committed to learning and supporting the work we do. TODN is offering a 10% discount on registration for members.

tag-logoToronto Agile Community

The Toronto Agile Software Development Community is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ontario, Canada. The Toronto Agile Software Development Community solely runs on the efforts of volunteers and hosts various events that bring together Agile Coaches, consultants and change agents in the GTA. TAC is offering a 10% discount for members.

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