Thanks for Attending Spark Toronto 2015!

“Spark was one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a long time.  The way you’re bringing cross functional disciplines together that do have an overlap in changing the behaviour and culture of our workforce is very forward thinking”

– David Dame, Enterprise Agile Ambassador 

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Spark Toronto 2015 was held at The Ontario Science Centre

Fantastic couple of days with the @SparkConf, mind is blown, so so many great ideas and speakers, thank you all! Till next year…

Paul Brown

Transformation Agent, @brownpf

Fantastic day at @SparkConf. Interesting ideas, debate and people – plus session was invaded by a remote control robot!

Barry O'Reilly

Author, Lean Enterprise, @BarryOReilly

One of the few conferences that I have attended where I walked away with some tangible tools and techniques to help me spark change in my organisation.

Liz O'Neill

Charities Aid Foundation