This years’ theme?

Building Networks

What does this mean? Great question. Success within an organization needs to have a culture that encourages networking. Not going out and schmoozing and passing out business cards but connecting to people within your organization that can make your work easier and make your work better!

Organizing the Organization

Natural hierarchies / flat structures

Leadership without politics; decisions without democracy

Freedom vs efficiency – exploding the myths of centralisation

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – Performance measures that work

Unleashing People

Imagine, innovate, achieve – the trinity of creativity

Trust and partnership – employee ownership in action

The one who says no – redefining management power

Fighting fear – analysing what we give up when we change the way we work

Disruption & Change

Riding or drowning? The technology wave

Failing early and often – how to embed experimentation

Survival of the most open – mastering new tools, new skills & new challenges

Balancing short term responsiveness with long-term objectives

Fantastic day at @SparkConf. Interesting ideas, debate and people – plus session was invaded by a remote control robot!

Barry O'Neill

Author, Lean Enterprise, @BarryOReilly