Bye Bye HR: Disrupting People Practices

About This Session

Disruption of people practices has already begun, and will grow exponentially. Most of HR people stand in the same situation as did CD or DVD companies a few years back. They really did not see it coming. And suddenly they were out of work.

This talk will:

1. Dig in the history of organizations a bit:
State and explain the building bricks traditional HR is built on in most companies (Taylorism, Behaviorism, industrialization, process thinking, mechanistic view on humans) – this part will give attendants the language to understand the “”foundation for current HR is broken””.

2. Clarify that polishing the current processes will not help you.
Riina will show that even if we add some elements which build on a modern human view, such as coaching or wellbeing, it is like adding whipped cream on a pile of shit. There is no scientific research whatsoever that individual incentivizing leads to better performance, on the contrary. HR is broken, benchmarking and best practices is lazy. HR need to start THINKING themselves.

3. Introduce the fields briefly which are currently disrupting the HR, with examples and practical tips. This is the new field of people practices, and this will change rapidly.
– Agile & Lean
– New organization forms
– Lean startup thinking
– Service Design
– Digitalization & Social & Transparency
– Data & Analytics
– New people science, Cognitive & psych + neuroscience
– Data protection

What You’ll Takeaway

  1. Realize that the foundation of people practices has changed, and am able to give solid arguments of this within my organization.
  2. Swallow the “red pill”  – after this speech, I can see the nonsense all over in organizations. This is a warning, there is no way back to the illusion or oblivion that current HR works. HR is broken, period.
  3. Know where to start learning more, which areas to look into, which sources to remember. Get practical tips and case examples from very innovative organizations on the Nordic region.

About Riina

Riina Hellström is working with creating modern, brain-friendly organizations in the Nordic region. She draws from the latest findings of three fields: modern people operations (HR & management), applied neuroscience and agile/lean. With her engineering-conditioned brain, science background, people experience and creative paradigm-breaking curiosity she works with complex people projects helping clients create simple stepwise change. She is something in between a consultant, a people-systems designer, an agile coach, a speaker, a thinker, a blogger, a trainer and a ninja. She worked within HRD/OD for 10 years as a misfit in traditional organizations, until employing herself in 2010 ( Combining her passions for people systems and agile she founded the Agile HR Network in Finland ( and networks with likeminded professionals globally. In her ongoing Executive Masters studies in the pioneering field of NeuroLeadership she on a quest to figure out how recent neuroscience connects with agile/lean thinking and -methodology. Just recently her dormant engineer-techie-geekish gene started expressing itself again and forced her to dig into HR tech and analytics. Riina’s vision is to be among the best hands-on catalysts for people-related change and development. She’d also want to make progress in surfing, but clearly made it a bit difficult for herself, while living in Finland.