Re-inventing Performance Management

About This Session

The quality of interactions between managers and employees has a truly positive effect on people performance. To achieve higher levels of performance requires scrapping the traditional employee performance management model and focusing on simple processes that better align employees with delivering on the goals of the company. That process includes disbanding with traditional performance reviews and ratings; training managers to have more frequent, quality conversations with their teams; providing greater recognition for one’s work achievements; and decoupling compensation from the performance management process.

This session will focus on a new way of looking at people and performance and will cover:

(a) How the traditional performance management pipeline is broken and why it no longer works.
(b) The latest trends that are also pushing the need for re-invention of the traditional performance management process.
(c) What the latest research in neuroscience is telling us about how people wish to be treated and managed at work.
(d) Walk through a case study of how AGF Investments re-invented its performance management process.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Learn about the 12 components of performance management re-invention.
  2. See an actual example of a re-invented performance process.
  3. Hear key learnings and words of wisdom for organizations who are embarking on the process of performance management reinvention.

About Bonnie

Bonnie Langer is Senior Vice President, Human Resources at AGF and is an experienced human resources leader with a wide ranging practice in encouraging performance excellence, enhancing leadership development, and overseeing reward, recognition, and recruitment decisions to support the organization’s strategic objectives. Bonnie was recognized as a 2014 Top 10 Diversity Change Leader by Diversity Canada (see last 2014 magazine issue —

About Leena

Leena Malik acts as a discoverer, facilitator and mobilizer to help leaders inspire people, strengthen teams and lead organizations. She brings an integrated business perspective to organizational development having held leadership positions focused on organizational effectiveness, performance management, change management, learning, and human resources, as well as marketing and corporate communications.


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