Business Common Sense: Leading on the 21st Century Edge

About This Session

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” We live in interesting times where how we work, whom we partner with and our ability to create new products and service offerings is changing. While many organizations still use antiquated 20th century management practices, others are achieving dramatic results by redefining their business on the edge. All too often leaders forget that the game plan is only as good as the execution.  Research shows that 90 % of strategies fail due to poor execution. What are the leadership shifts and practices that must be embraced to chart a course for success?  How do leaders need to communicate in today’s world to be heard above the noise and inspire action?  How do you tap into passion and purpose to inspire deeper commitment and greater employee satisfaction? How do you lead on the edge?

What You’ll Take  Away:

  1. By providing an overview of the 7 practices of a 21st century organization, participants will be able to determine which ones they need to focus on first
  2. A framework they can take back to their organizations to create conversations and prepare for future realities
  3. By zeroing in on business practices that harness shared purpose in your organization and inspire people to accomplish more.

About Ayelet

Ayelet Baron is revolutionizing work through her speaking, writing and workshops by helping leaders build 21st management practices and prepare their organizations for future realities. She introduces new ways of working and helps leaders integrate them into day-to-day practices.

Ayelet helps people thrive. She is a global strategist having worked in hi-tech for over a decade around the world, she understands the business problems leaders face and helps them address it. She had developed thought leadership on the future of business at the 21st century edge. Today Ayelet is at the forefront of fixing what’s broken in business and transforming organizations.

At Simplifying Work, she is focused on pioneering more people-centered ways to work that leverage new ways to connect, collaborate, partner and innovate. By accelerating connected networks and being a thought leader around innovation and collaboration, Ayelet brings people and ideas together. For more than a decade, Ayelet climbed the corporate ladder at tech giant, Cisco Systems where she held a number of global, executive roles focused on growth strategy, led strategy and competitive positioning. She co-founded Creating.Is, a movement to enlist a new breed of leaders who are making a difference in their communities with Tim McDonald.

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